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Hubbard Agricultural Science is a full-service research organization established by Michael Hubbard in 1997. He returned to the family farm in Bonners Ferry, Idaho after earning his degree from the University of Idaho and contracted some small research projects through his college internship. Since then the company has grown into one of the premier ag research companies in the Northwest.


Our mobile operation now spans Montana, Idaho, Washington, and California, offering comprehensive solutions to the agricultural research community. With a seasoned team of 15 professionals boasting diverse expertise, we specialize in cutting-edge agricultural science, providing our clients with innovative practices and technologies. Our large geographic footprint, mobility, and our partnerships with local farmers help us find the best pest pressure possible to produce clear and accurate test results.


Our Work

Hubbard Ag Science conducts all aspects of the research project from seed and soil treatment, to planting, applications, agronomic maintenance, harvest, and data collection.

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